The Self-Proclaimed Righteous!

I just happened to see something weird on my Facebook Newsfeed – a pic taken on a Delhi Metro coach, of two men (‘gentlemen’ as stated in the post) seated on the Ladies’ seat, not letting a woman with a child sit down! Not very typical in Delhi Metro – I don’t see women being repellent to men at socially acceptable levels, and men are ready to offer their seats to ladies in need, even the general seats. Hence, I surely will not take the issue in the face-value.

However, what bothers me is the photograph in itself – was that clicker thinking of himelf as someome with a halo over their head? What was the expected outcome in making that pic socially viral? – the post says ‘Let’s make these assholes famous. Shall we? Share away!’ – What kinda stupidity is this? What is gonna happen by making them ‘famous’…or infamous? What hurts me even more is the fact that there are over a thousand shares for this pic!!

I think there’s something wrong – about the posted pic, and the extent of social shares. I get it – those men have done something unacceptable, though not necessarily wrong. A simple way out would have been to just ask them to get up and leave the seat for the ladies; either the ladies could have asked it, or the saviour who clicked the pic. It is something more effective – that would have gotten those ladies their comfort, leave aside their right. What has this pic done? Made two people famous – and it hasn’t gotten a seat for those ladies who were still standing. There isn’t much chance that the pic will reach everyone. Even if it does, it won’t be long before these faces are forgotten, and it will be just a matter of a li’l more time before the next time the same thing happens – maybe even the same men might do it.

I believe the impact on the men would have been better if only they’d been asked to get up – even if they aren’t prompt or chivalrous, the sheer shame of being seated there would have gotten them off their seats! But why wasn’t that done??

We’re (Yes, that includes me) bent on defaming the causers of the the issue, than actually curbing the issue, even if a solution exists right there, and can be implemented with utter ease! But we refuse to do that – even on larger scales and larger arenas. As long as we keep playing the blame-game and this social defaming, nothing is gonna change. To that noble soul who was intelligent and awesome enough to click that pic and make it reach at least 1000 people (who might not even read this), why don’t you try something more useful and effective? I’d like to quote Guy Fawkes here, “An Activist is not the man who says the river is dirty! The Activist is the man who cleans the river!!”

…and btw, what you’ve done is a crime too! FYI, it’s against the rules to photograph in Delhi Metro!