What it takes to be… a dog!?

It’s known that mankind hasn’t domesticated any new animal in the past 20000 years! This means, following normal psychology, that mankind chose animals that would surely be their best friends (not pets!). And if the most domesticated animal is the dog, there’s something absolutely special about it.

I am proud to be a dog-lover, and I’m happy to have known quite some people who share the same feelings towards those barkin’ buddies. Perhaps, (I might be a bit dramatic here) it’s no coincidence that ‘dog’ and ‘god’ are anagrams, and in Tamil, ‘thaai’ (mother) rhymes with ‘naai’ (dog). Somewhere in the days when humans were just beginning to adapt to civilization, deep within, they developed an innate respect for these canines for their unconditional love, deep faithfulness, and for many other virtues rarely seen in humans.

If you wanna know what a burst of love can be, you should have experienced your dog hugging you after you return from a long trip. If you need to understand what faithfulness is all about, look into a dog’s eyes after you’ve fed him. Probably one of the most impossible phrases is ‘an ugly puppy’; you can never find a puppy that’s short-cute of evoking an ‘Aaawwwww!’ from the girls of today!

I am no active activist for stray dogs and animal rights; I’ve never stood up on the streets, and I’ve not even used Twitter to retweet. However, I can proudly state that I’ve been human enough to not hurt them, and to give a couple of biscuits to them a few times. And if everyone was at least like this (or I don’t even see a need to give biscuits), there would be no need for activists!

The measure of character is how to treat the things that you could do anything to. Dogs are loving creatures that don’t have the capacity to communicate in black and white. If you are receptive enough to their non-verbal expressions of all the feeling said above, you’d not harm them!