Demonetization – A Vardah’f Frustration

Dear Prime Minister,
We surely need to go Cashless… yes we do! We need a lot of transparency, accountability and a lot of other things that you AND YOU ALONE (Maybe a few more jaalraas) would deem as the essentials to curb black money!!
Yes, I partly agree! I have made every recharge of mine since November 8th on PayTM… and none of my local recharge shops have benefitted, but who cares right? My recharge is now accountable, and I’d pay the essential tax for probably the INR 8000 I’d recharge for in the entire Financial Year, and even if it’s small compared to the lakhs of crores that have been hoarded, it helps keep up India’s GDP, right?
Yes, I even more partly agree! I’ve bought all my grocery in Super Markets! The fresh vegetable vendor in Besant Nagar who always has fresh broccoli and capsicum has no business, and I have to buy whatever’s there in that damn place! I’m accountable <I’m too lazy to write the same thing again>, but just because one low-rung family’s livelihood is affected, and just because their child can’t afford education, just because they have to compromise on the next meal, we can’t afford lose out on making India the next superpower, and the biggest cashless economy right?
Believe me, even I was among the many that believed in the promise… the far-sighted promise that’s light years away, but still believable enough to take it as visible – that India would be a cashless economy!
But on 12th December 2016, my belief was uprooted in the most chaotic manner, like the many thousands of trees in Chennai! I lost connect with the hope it offered, like the millions who weren’t able to get in touch with their near ones, leave alone making payments!! I felt powerless, and the analogy, by now, doesn’t need a repeat. Thank you Vardah for enlightening me!
The small-yet-dubious ray of hope is that none of us could bribe the electricity or the cable guys – if we had money, we’d buy bread and milk, right? This is what Tamil Cinema has beautifully encapsulated in a timeless expression: “Operesan Suxes but Pashend Diedu!”
By now, I strongly feel you’re exploiting our inaction to not do anything about the doom we’ve faced, our patience to stand in the endless queues to get our own hard-earned money, our gullibility to believe in utopic promises, and our hope that our Motherland will be a superpower, and our belief in you that you might make it possible!
Now we stand caught between two realms, like a soul that committed suicide before its time. We can’t go back to transacting in cash, and we’re not in a position to go completely cashless either!
Yeah yeah! We understand that being a Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world, the second most populous country on the planet, the most culturally diverse nation in this galaxy, and having the majority in the biggest parliament in the Universe is no mean feat… you have our respects…
I’d love to re-quote an Indian (No mitron… not desi.. but the Native Amreekan Indian) saying: “Only When The Last Power Lines Have Been Cut Off, Only When Even 2G and Cable/Fiber Internet Connectivity Has Been Destroyed, Only When All The Online Delivery Services Are Disrupted, You Will Realize That You Cannot Afford To Go Cashless!!
Let me conclude with a derivative of one of my most favorite dialogues:
மொதல்ல எந்திரிச்சி நிக்க வைய்யும் யா!! அப்புறம் பாக்கலாம் ஒம்போது பொண்டாட்டிய கட்டுறியா இல்ல தொண்ணூத்தொம்போது பொண்டாட்டிய கட்டுறியானு !!