The Closed Door

I’ve always talked about my days in Hyderabad. Little have I talked about a home that I can always look forward for the doors to be open whenever I come there. However, it isn’t long before that ‘era’ closed down to not only my access, but for everyone who ever had even a small bit of memory associated with that beautiful flat. Here’s my tribute in words to that amazing place I consider(ed) as my second home in Hyderabad – Flat Number 204, Skill Skylight Apartments, Anand Nagar, Hyderabad!!

Scaling up the flights o’ stairs,
I reached the second floor.
Drenching me in nostalgic airs
Was this famous closed door.

Seven years of sweet memories,
Before my eyes, they flashed.
My thoughts swayed in that pleasant breeze
Awed at all that I’d cached.

Through the silences in my head
Cries of laughter echoed
Enough of it can never be said
‘Bout the joys that it bestowed

Those walls, I think, would never have known
The meaning of being alone
But now, all what in that void, shone –
The galores of the times agone!

I stepped out of the apartment
A heavy heart, I bore
Very few will get what it meant!
Thank you Two-Zero-Four!!


What’s there in an Inked Finger??!?!

Just a day after the General Elections in my state, and I feel content, having that tiny blot of ink on my finger…and the ink outlasts Governments these days!

On the day I left Bangalore, I saw the Tamil Nadu-bound buses had people spilling out of the doors…almost akin to the festive seasons of Diwali or Pongal. I was immensely happy to see the crowds – there’s actually some awareness and an uprising – or maybe it should be called a revolution, considering how complacent we always were.

What bothers me more about this Election is being ‘marketed’…literally! With hoards of amounts spent on advertising, any Government that comes to power will look to get a good ‘Return’ on their Investments. What is even more surprising is that Politicians have realized that star-power is nothing in front of social power. Political propaganda has become elite – the TV debates gain high TRP ratings, stray wall-graffiti has been transformed to high-rise billboards and hoardings, roadside rants have been partly-yet-effectively replaced by Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

There has also been a drive – a drive of considerably high magnitude – that encouraged people to vote. Though the results were not proportional, it was at least acceptable! Me being closely associated to someone who was a part of this drive gives me immense happiness!

In all this, there’s something that made me sad – it’s about how effective the ‘marketing’ was. Voting was promoted to much that people thought it was an awesome thing to vote…it pretty much is! But people posting pics of their inked fingers on Facebook was something much more than expected…something on the lines of ‘My BBM Pin is….’

Citizens of my country have come to realize that voting is their right… and that’s how it’s defined in our archaic, heavily-red-taped Constitution. Only when people realize that it’s not just their right but also a duty to vote, will India see a good population of Citizens (A good Government still remains uncertain though!)

How inclined are we to perform our duties? As Kamal Haasan/Shankar have said in ‘Indian,’ India is a place where people have to be bribed to do their duty, as opposed to other countries where you have to bribe only when you need to get something done beyond duty!

So long 2014! You were an eye-opener. Waiting for you 2016 and 2019….but a little less drama please!!