Rajinikanth and Physics

It’s quite known that Rajinikanth defies Physics in every level, but here’s how our thalaivar defies core Physics. From a fan of Physics and Rajini sir:

1) Rajinikanth knows ‘precisely’ the momentum and position of anything.
2) Rajinikanth knows if Schroedinger’s Cat is alive or not. (If the cat was a villain, it’s surely dead by now!)
3) Rajinikanth makes like poles attract each other.
4) Rajinikanth went on a space tour…went into a Black Hole, AND CAME OUT OF IT!
5) Rajinikanth knows the last digit of Pi.
6) Rajinikanth is a source of perpetual energy.
7) “Instantaneous” is defined as the time interval between the moment Rajinikanth decides to kill you, and Rajinikanth kills you.
8) What’s the reason for very minimal number of UFO sightings in India?? You know the answer!
9) The stare of Rajinikanth can make you freeze….down to -273.16 degree-celsius.
10) The power of Rajinikanth’s punches is measured in Megatons.
11) Higgs Boson will be named as Rajinion.
12) The Universe is expanding…still in the process of moving as far every other thing can, from Rajinikanth.