20 Things to Do in Chengalpattu

Things to do in Chengalpattu

1) Enjoy a morning sunrise at Kolavai Lake, preferably from the railway overbridge.

2) Stand in the so-called queue and get breakfast from Mani’s cafe.

3) Play cricket in the scorching sun at the Medical College grounds.

4) Take a bike ride around Chengalpattu, covering the bye-pass. (Trust me…it’s as scenic as Ooty!)

5) Enjoy an early morning/late night coffee or tea at the tea shops near the new bus stand.

6) Take a dip in the palar river (If you’re lucky, you might find running water)

7) Put some kadalai with your crush/love at Ramar Koil premises and around.

8) Take a morning walk at the Medical College grounds. Feel young like the uncles and aunties around.

9) Relish on the local version of the Pani Puris that you’ll find at a stone-throw distance from anywhere in Chengalpattu.

10) Park your bike in the railway station between 8 AM and 10 AM, (or try taking your bike out between 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM)

11) Have badam fruit mix at TST (Nobody cares about the new name!)

12) Get lost in the Dussehra crowds, and treat yourself to appalam and other dussehra-exclusive stuff.

13) Attend a meeting in KRC Grounds, be it a Christian meet or an arasiyal meet; just for the fun of it.

14) Take an occasional visit to the Mahindra World City, and marvel at the fact that such a sophisticated place exists so close to Chengai.

15) Take a super-crowded town bus to go from the bus stand to Hospital. Get drenched in the rural scent of the people in the bus.

16) Watch the sunset from the Bye pass road.

17) Visit the fish market, bargain for the best rate and buy it all battling the stinks.

18) Have lime soda/sarbath/ginger in the nair shop near mani goondu.

19) Take a share auto from anywhere to anywhere, and pay only INR 5x (x<4).

20) Have dinner at the Vaigai/Nellai motels and experience authentic local Tamil Nadu tastes in the parotta varieties and egg-preparations.


De-Chennai’d Once Again! :(

It’s been a little more than a couple of months since a composed my blog for the CBC Tablog…and it was a nice experience to have recollected and relived the moments that made Chennai what it was to me… once again! And I was rejoicing thus in the comments and having had a date with the Powerstar back home; it was all going well.

And all of a sudden, I get an offer in Bangalore, and I was supposed to join in less than a week’s time! It was deja-vu; it happened before when I had to move from Hyderabad to Chennai…just that it was in the opposite direction.

Packing bags, it was that ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ feeling, except for the facts that I was I was traveling in a non-A/c SETC Bus, and I was single! The bus started to move towards Kanchipuram, and being seated on the window-seat, it was a perfect time to recollect my tryst with the city.

As I’d started my professional life in Hyderabad, I wasn’t much used to the luxurious side of Chennai. Coming back to Chennai to me was mixed emotions, I feeling that I’d captured in one of my earlier posts. However, Chennai was dearer to me, and it will continue to be. I’d studied in an institute that has ‘Madras’ as a part of its name. When I returned to Chennai in 2009, so many things had changed; Kathiepara Clover Leaf was up and active, and it looked marvelous. The Express Avenue had replaced Spencer, City Center and Skywalk combined. Movies were taking a whole new shape and dimension….and I loved it all. And my 2009-2013 stay in Chennai associated me with more of Chennai; the Chennai Bloggers Club and the Chennai Trekking Club.

I could enjoy Chennai with my own money, and with my own time. Most of my friends were back here from Hyderabad and Bangalore. My dad would let me use my bike and my own will (and it resulted in a accident too!). Night-stays at my friends’ places has now a matter of mere information and not permission (unlike college!). I could make a choice between dining at fast foods and fine diners.

In short, I discovered that Chennai was waayyyyy toooo awesomer than I thought how awesome it was! These two years in Chennai made me what I am today (Except my ‘ex-Googler’ tag, born in Hyderabad). Jeffy is now an online marketer, content developer and photographer…and I owe it all to you my dear Chennai!

With all these memories, I head to Bangalore, while away the whole of Sunday straying around Commercial Street and Brigade road, I came over to my friend’s place. I was invited for a night at Leela Palace’s Eclipse pub. I danced (read: jumped, swung my hands in some chaotic fashion) late in to the night, and I got in to my friend’s car and drove back to his place. Just a moment before I shut my eyes to sleep, I thought that Bangalore had taken over me; Day 1 in that city and I was pubbing on the very first night.

It didn’t take more than 12 hours to realize all this was just a fallacy: I woke up the next morning, and it was my first day at work. I was decked up in formals and I went to one hotel in Madiwala and ordered for Idly with Sambar. The waiter said “Saarukku rendu idly podu ya!” I started to heartily smile without even recognizing!

…and I followed it up “Appdiye pepper-thookala oru mutta dhosa!” Now the waiter was smiling at me!!!

Concluding Sidhu style: “You can take Jeffy out of Chennai, but you can never take Chennai out of Jeffy!”