Chennai – An Insider’s Outsider-perspective!!

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Chennai is as old and as dear as my memory is! It’s was the most awesome city until the age of 7 because I hadn’t seen any other city until then, and 19 years after that, and having seen many other cities, Chennai still continues to be the awesomest city I have ever known!!!

My introduction to Chennai was very different; while most people talk about visits to their grandparents’ place from the city to villages, I visited my grandparents who were in the city from my village near Chengalpattu! To a li’l curious child who’s seen just the petty shops in Chengalpattu, Chennai was out of the world with large hoardings, well lit shops, flyovers, decent hotels and an airport.

It did not take long for me to realize that the entity that was overwhelmingly awesome was not that far as I thought it was. I began to imbibe the spirit of Chennai in the truest and fullest senses.

I was beginning to understand the amazing literary value in Tamil songs as much as I loved and learnt the amazing Chennai Dialect!

I started relishing the true taste of Chennai in kaiyendhi bhavans as much as I enjoyed the ambiance of 5 star hotels in the city.

A drive on the ECR is as thrilling as a drive in Pattinapakkam!

Saree-clad fisher-girls in slums are as gorgeous as partywear-clad babes in pubs!

Shopping in Express Avenue is good fun of its own kind, but so is battling the crowd at Ranganathan Street, especially during aadi maasam sale.

As much as my head can’t stop banging to rock and metal (recollecting the days in MCC – Deep Woods, Moon Shadow!!), my feet can’t stop dancing to Appdi podu and thanni thotti!

A subtle cheer goes to Bollinger and Bravo, even if they perform against India, because they are Chennai Super Kings!

A cappuccino at Khader Nawaz Khan road is as good as a Degree Coffee in Triplicane/Mylapore.

Chennai City – It’s a marvelous number composed by the honks of buses, the rhythm of train tracks and the tap-side verbal-war raps.
It’s an amazing piece of art composed of the greens of Raj Bhavan and IIT, the reds of Central and Egmore, and the golden shades of the sands of Marina and the blues of the waters at Besant Nagar.

Go ahead! Complain about heat, complain about pubs, complain about autos, complain about anything whatsoever…but we still are proud of the gentle morning breezes, the bright yet active party life (Chennai has enough to fill Page 3), the auto drivers who know every nook and corner of the city beyond the recognition of satellites, and we’re proud of Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan, Ashwin, Abdul Kalam, Anna University, Adyar Broken Bridge…and ever our Power Star!!

I love my Chennai city and I am proud to be a part of it!!

This proud citizen of this City passes the tag to Sylvian Patrick – a Thanjavur karan who became Madras Karan 🙂 He blogs at!!