I’m a Daddy!!

It all started with Physics. I still recollect the day and bless the day when I and Pooja were waiting to board the bus. More than two years it has been… it grew and shrunk and grew and it kept growing forever. And now it is ‘FB legit.’

Yesss!!! I am a daddy… and for minds who intrapolate this thought, NOT SO FAST… I am still single. However, I am now enlightened and enlivened by the fact that I have children…. And that too, sooo easily. 😛

There in Hyderabad, we had to be a family, to give each other a shoulder in times of need, and even in the most distressed state, comfort the other person with nothing but a warm hug. And I am happy to be a part of such a family – and being the head of the family.

There were many transfers of roles and responsibilities. And at the end of it all, I stand at the top of the totem-pole (yes.. there is a another side in here). Wow… I feel like Don Corleone now. We’re now a happy, happy family. We are diverse and still we are one…

Sounds: screeches, chirps, beeps

Sports: Shuttle badminton, NCC exercises, vibrating, Federer vs Nadal (no no.. not tennis)

Locations: Hyderabad, Cochin, Bangalore, Boston

Ages: 25 (yes.. elder to me) to 19 (and don’t believe someone who says she’s 84)

Food: Ranges from nothing to full tandoori chicken with Jumbo Pack Briyani

Drinks: Water, Slice…….. (goes on and on and on)…, Vodka

Ethnicity: Mallu, Telangana, Portuguese, Gelf, and a specimen who is a mix of Cochin, Hyderabad and Bangalore

Activities: MAD, blogging, FB, weekdays’ vacationing at Hyderabad from Bangalore, go-karting, while away time for no reason

Relationships: Staunch singe to seriously committed

(and on a lighter note) Sexual Orientation: Think of anything involving just humans, and it’s bound to be here 😛

Beat this diversity?? Hold on… I am talking in terms of a single nuclear family, just like in here.

The times in the MAD camp, the movies at iMax, the so-called dinner after that (and if I move on, one of my children will accuse me of plagiarism from her blog). All these will remain as evergreen memories of my stay in Hyderabad. With all due respect to the number of ‘sabaaa’s’ and the comical criticism, I still feel proud to proclaim that I am really really happy for my children, I love them a lot, and I am proud to be a dad.

For anyone who feels J or anything for a term ‘Jeffy Dad’ that refers to me, “Welcome to the Family.”