Night halts at my friends’ place was an integral part of my college life. In the style of Bryan Adams, it is, “And if I had a choice, Yeah! I just wanna be there. Those were the best days of my life!!” and in our local context it is, “Andha Nal Nyabagam Nenjile Vandhadhey Nanbaney.”
Though I was in continuous contact with almost everyone through phone, I still had fancied meeting my friends in some place without much planning. It turned true when Pramodh invited everyone for his sister’s marriage at Vijayawada.
It was a long time since I met everyone and it was nice to know that Stephen Paul, Solomon, Arun Stephen, Samu, Prasad and Ramkumar were coming along. I dot wish to describe the travel and it is not worth mentioning either. I reached Vijayawada on 25th August by the end of afternoon. Pramodh was there to receive me at the station.
It was great to see him after a long time. My thoughts went through the deep woods of Madras Christian College to the beloved bell tower that stands as a testimony to the happiest moments we had during our college life.
I was a pillion rider on his Kinetic Honda that stopped at Anoo’s beauty parlor where the bride’s brother was to get a facial and a haircut(but never would change his flirty looks). After hunting for a gift to the groom and successfully buying a cell phone stand, we went to his aunt’s home where we were to stay.
The clock struck eight thirty and I was over cloud nine. The Pinnakini Express, scheduled at 2110 hrs, arrived late by an hour-it is usual for Indian Railways to delay but time seemed relatively longer then. Finally the train arrived and I was waiting near the doors of D3 coach. After a while some familiar figures stepped out.
My joy knew no bounds when i saw my friends out there. Everyone was a corporate yet no one had changed. They were the same old bubbly guys with whom I used to tour the locales of Chennai during college days. Ram was still with his mass; Prasad still playful and vetti; Stephen Paul……ssssssssssppppppppppaaaaah; Arun Stephen with his vulnerable mouths and techy jargon and Solomon our beloved mama, silent and stealth as ever.
That night I had a good reason to stay in the room but a better reason to stat out-mosquitoes. They drove us out of the room, which was, in a way adventurous(We were questioned by AP Police on the day of the blasts in Hyderabad) and hilarious to see fast foods and barber shops open at three in the morning.
W greeted the morning sunlight with our sleep-ridden faces and eyelids that were constantly experiencing a force of attraction towards each other. As everyone emptied the rooms, we rushed into those rooms to get our share of sleep. After a short but sound sleep for a couple of hours, we woke up and hastily got ourselves ready for the marriage.
We stepped into the marriage mahal, enlightened by the thought that we had nothing to gift the to-be-newly-weds. So we ventured out into the city hunting for a gift. We would have almost toured the entire city of Vijayawada by the time we made up our minds to present a Fast-Track watch.
We went back to the mahal and had a fun time packing the traditional ‘Thamboolam’, though my job was only to arrange them. It was evening and the mood of marriage began to enhance. Silk clad women and the music of the Nadhaswaram began to add flavor to it. Little did we recognize that it was time we started until Pramodh came up and called us for dinner.
But we had different plans for dinner. I had to treat my friends for making it into Google. We went to the Comesum Restaurant near the railway station and feasted on the limited dishes available there, reminding my of the times we used to have together in Hotel Rendezvous Nova.
After finishing the desserts, my friends got Tamil Nadu Express and I got into the Godavari Express.
We were back to their old life again-the same old TCS, Sutherland, Ajuba and Google. This was all which was destined for us and we departed with a faint but significant hope that we will meet some day, but with the same spirits as the Physics Students of Madras Christian College.



It was August 3rd. The spirits were high in me for it was the day the Hydooglers Adventure Club had planned on a two-day adventure trip to Matheran.
Matheran is not so much known. It is in the state of Maharashtra and the smallest hill-station in India where even bicycles are not allowed for transportation. For further details, check
We left the office as early as 1315 hrs and took a cab to the Begumpet station and boarded to Husain Sagar Express after a tiring yet enjoyable wait of on hour or so. Our excitement was intensifying as the train wheels were beginning to gain pace. We kept ourselves happy by playing strange games and also dumb-charades. Soon it was dusk and though the sun went to rest, we did not. After the usual berth arrangement confusion that happens in all tours, we settled down for a short sleep for we were to get up by three thirty in the morn the next day.
We began to radiate enthusiasm even before the sun did. We got tout to get a taxi-ride to Dasturi Point. It is the place which marks the beginning of the ecologically fragile territory.
Form there we took a walk of a lifetime…amidst the blessings from the nature Goddess herself-in the form of torrents of rain. It was almost forty five minutes from Dasturi Point.
Through the winding paths in the dark woods, we reached BrightLands, the resort we were to stay.
We had good breakfast and retired to our rooms. After a while, we set out to explore the hidden paradise on the Western Ghats. And what a spectacular scene it was!! The whole place is graced by waterfalls that have a silver-grey trickle of water, the clouds that bear a misty screen to protect the chastity of this serene land and the occasional chirps of birds that add a pleasant phrase to the grand symphony composed by God’s genius.
Having had a goofd feast out there, we went back to our rooms to rest for the night. The next morning, we woke up, fresher than usual and also later than usual. We packed up our bags and left for Dasturi Point where we were to board our taxi.
There’s something special about this ride. It was on a horseback. This was truly an amazing experience. After the jerky yet jouful ride, we reached Dasturi Point, we boarded the cab that took us to Kajrat station. We engaged ourselves during the journey, singing songs praising God for all the marvels he has created and for keeping us under his grace for us to see all this.
Karjat camre to us(relatively). We were told that Karjat is famous for Wada Pav and it was indeed. We had the most delicious Wada Pavs ever, better than what they give in our TGIF.
Everything was drawing near to the end. The whistling horns of Hyderabad Express came roaring through the chill in the air, heralding the end of the tour. We boarded the train again but with a spirit totally different to what we had a couple of days ago, for the same act.
The day was drowsing as the sun fell into its hilly loft. I knew that things will be the same old again. The day dawned and I was really happy to see Hyderabad again. We got back to our homes, refreshed ourselves and came to the office. I sat before my workstation visualising all what I saw a couple of days ago.
And I went back to ark comforting myself with a philosophy that Google which took me to Matheran and which also brought me back form there, has also given Picasa to recollect those memories in a more vivid manner.

A Day with my dad!!!

It was Saturday, the twenty-first of July…the long-awaited day had come. My dad was coming to see me in Hyderabad, for the first time. It was seven in the morning. I could not comprehend if time was moving slow or fast. getting into the most proximal auto that I could find, I rushed to the Nampally Hyderabad Deccan, almost an hour before Charminar Express’s scheduled arrival time.
Thanks to one of the most resilient attitudes of Indian Railways: ‘Never be on Time’. The train arrived twenty minutes late. As the steps of the compartment were caressing the platform, I saw the familiar white-shirt-clad man step out of S8. It was my dad!!!
My joy knew no bounds at that time. I stepped out of the station as proud as a stag! I felt like I was at home after a long, long time. After gulping a quick breakfast, we first went to my new house in Mehdipatnam and I got some eatables which I deem as earthly elixirs.
And then we went to the ChaCha Nehru Park in Masab Tank where we were to spend the next four hours. The rest of Google was in i-max watching harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. But I was with my own Albus Dumbledore. We spent hours talking on things that meant a lot to me.
And for lunch, we strolled through Masab Tank and finally found a hotel. My dad, as usual, had a plate of south Indian meals. And then we headed for Hyderabad Central, the famed and fabled shopping mall of Hyderabad. Though we did nothing useful, we did nothing useless either.
All these were going on and though I am a physics student, I failed to recognize that time was moving. It was time to drop my dad in the railway station. I went with him to the station. I remembered seeing the station in the morning but the things were so different. The day seemed to have moved so fast.
The same train, approaching in the same direction, but triggering a different set of emotions. I knew that what was a reality till then, was going to charge my synapses and become fond memories. (Sometimes it is good to have philosophies. They comfort you when you’ve answered 1+1=3!!)
My dad got into the train and the train got into linear motion. And the train left the place, and I left the place with steps measured, with memories to treasure, memories to cherish and memories that will never perish!!