From Student to Corporate…

Remember those interesting lecture sessions, and bunked sessions that were even more interesting? The galleried classes whose walls could speak of the aeons it had seen, and the Bell Tower that speaks even more? The tours that we enjoyed and the tour plans that we enjoyed even more? Remember the day of Spectra, and the days we painted banners for it?
Dah!!! Those are memories ever to be cherished.

And now it’s totally different. Stay in a six-storeyed apartment and office in a twelve- storey IT county and almost weeks since I experienced the sunlight in the noon on weekdays. And working under the banner ‘Google’ is fun. All my favorite chocs and ice creams scattered around, friendly seniors and more friendly peers-all this makes me wonder if corporate concerns can be like this.

Oh yeah!!! It’s all about that non-spatial continuum called time. Time is unchanging and times are changing. And now the college days are just a memory. And my life in Google is continuing…. peacefully… and i hope it does.


Just another step…

Hi Everyone….
This is Jefferson Jaikar Anand. Currently working in Google, I did my schooling in St. Joseph’s Hr. Sec. School, Chengalpattu and my graduation in Physics in Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Chennai.